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The law that appears on this web site comes from cases decided by the United States Supreme Court, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals and the courts of Missouri and is for informational purposes only.  In the future, we hope to expand to provide decisions from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes the State of Kansas) and the courts of Kansas.  The author of this site is licensed to practice law only in the states of Missouri and Kansas, and the author does not intend to provide legal services to persons in other jurisdictions.  Receipt of the information contained in this web site should not be construed as providing legal advice or establishing an attorney-client relationship.   Further, use of this website or the information contained herein is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional and personalized legal advice.  You should not rely on any of the information provided on this site, as it may not be current or complete, rather you should consult with an attorney about your specific situation and any special circumstances that may exist. 

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