1.     a. - b. See handouts - “Searches and Seizures at a Glance” - Frisk of a Person / Vehicle.


2.     a.  See handouts - “Searches and Seizures at a Glance.”


b.  Plain feel (touch) is legal when the officer is legally justified in performing a frisk, and in the process of doing so, feels an object which he or she immediately recognizes, with probable cause certainty, as evidence or contraband.  This identification can be no more intrusive than is necessary to determine whether or not the item is a weapon.
Also see text: 2:15 – 2:17 (c) and 7:21 - 7:22 (6.)


c.  See handouts - “Overview of Container Searches.”


c.      The officer may temporarily seize the container, set it out of reach of the suspect and return it when the detention is over.