I.          Things to Remember from Sexual Offenses Chapter


A.        Look at the chart in text, and note which offenses apply to which ages.



Identify the specific ages and the term "forcible compulsion" that determines what specific sexual offense has been committed. MCCH - Ch. 6.11 Reference Chart and  “forcible compulsion" MCCH - Ch. 6.2 Definitions


B.        Definitions, page 87-88.


1.         Sexual intercourse - Any penetration however slight of female sex organ by male sex organ.


2.         Deviate sexual intercourse - Any sexual act involving genitals of one and mouth, tongue, hand or anus of another person.


3.         Forcible compulsion - Physical force that overcomes reasonable resistance or a threat that places one in fear of death, serious injury or kidnapping.


OBJECTIVE #2                    

Go over and identify the elements of:

a.    Rape and Sodomy  - MCCH Ch. 6.2

b.    Statutory rape - both degrees - MCCH - Ch. 6.2.2 and 6.2.4

c.    Statutory sodomy - both degrees  - MCCH Ch.6.2.6 and 6.2.8

d.    Sexual Assault - MCCH Ch. 6.3

e.    Deviate Sexual Assault - MCCH Ch. 6.4

f.     Sexual Abuse - MCCH Ch. 6.5

g.    Sexual Misconduct - MCCH 6.8, 6.9, 6.10



Define the term "sexual contact" and “sexual conduct"

NOTE:   The POST objectives and source document do not appear to have been updated since the change in the law.  They do not correspond with the new book either.        



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