BLOCK:                                          MISSOURI STATUTORY LAW         Class A                                    INSTRUCTOR:                                                                 TIME ALLOTTED:    32     hrs.

DATE FILED:     12-15-2004                                           REPLACES:     01-10-1994                        



The trainee will receive a minimum of thirty-two hours of instruction in Missouri Statutory Law. The total hours of instruction will cover the following topical areas:  an overview of the Missouri Criminal Code and how to use the Missouri Criminal Code Handbook [MCCH], a review of the general provisions of conduct which constitute criminal liability, the justification for the use of legal force by citizens and officers, the elements of pre-selected criminal statutes and how to identify and/or develop those crimes, and what constitutes civil process in Missouri.


The following areas will be covered under each of the above topics.  The Criminal Code Overview will cover the fundamental principles of Missouri law.  The General Provisions will cover the principles of criminal liability.  Use of Force will cover the elements of both non-deadly and deadly force.  The selected Criminal Statutes will cover how to identify and use their elements and mental states to establish a specific offense (or offenses).  And finally, Civil Process will cover information especially relevant to those persons who serve civil process in Missouri.




The trainee will be able to:




1.      Explain the organization of the Missouri Criminal Code Handbook (Manual 121) and demonstrate how to locate information in it.


2.      Identify the term “crime” and explain the different classifications.


3.      Identify the term “infraction.”


4.      Identify the term “included offense.”


5.      Identify the application process of the Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act.           


6.      Identify the Time [Statute of] Limitations for prosecutions to commence.